BMW E9X M3 TTFS Custom Remote Tune
BMW E9X M3 TTFS Custom Remote Tune
BMW E9X M3 TTFS Custom Remote Tune
BMW E9X M3 TTFS Custom Remote Tune

BMW E9X M3 TTFS Custom Remote Tune

TTFS offers the best remote tune available on the market for the E9X M3. Because we offer data logging allowing you to customize your tune to your specific vehicle. If you are not ready for custom tuning we can still offer you our remote flash that enhances your vehicles performance.  The enthusiasts in our community customize their BMW's to their taste and preference in performance, sound and handling. It is only rational to complete their engine tune with an unparalleled custom tune that is specific to their driving habits and performance modifications. 
The data logging features is very easy to use and could be very beneficial for the track enthusiast that like to monitor their runs. This feature eliminates the need of a dyno tune because we extract the needed data from your ECU through a few simple drive cycles. 

Tune Includes:
 TTFS Performance Tune
 ProTuner & cable
 Pro Logger free version (complete version included with custom tuning)

Key Features:
15+ Horspower gains 
Reprogrammed vanos control for maximum drivability
Upgrade the ECU to the newest BMW software version 240E
Re-calibrated settings for a smoother and better responsive part throttle
Re-calibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery
Raised RPM thresholds in sepecific gears
Data Logging Software features:
Identify your ECU and the software currently loaded
Update your vehicles engine software to the latest version from BMW
Flash the vehicle with Performance software suited to your specifications
Flash the vehicle back to stock programming
Read fault codes from the engine control unit (free version only)
Clear service engine soon lights and fault codes (free version only)
Clear adaptation data (free version only)
Performance Specs:
15 HP @ 8400 RPMS: Rear wheel HP measured on the dyno
11 Ft / LBs @ 6700 RPMs:Rear wheel FT/LBs measured on the dyno

Remote Tuning Software instructions:

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